Friend to Friend Letters

Spreading the word about the election is a challenge. One great way to do that is by sending a traditional letter to your contacts (regardless of whether they’re registered to vote). We’ve got several letters already drafted to help in the process.

We are looking to get letters out by 3/26 (Tuesday) and there are two options for sending them out: Fill out the contact below and we’ll email you the drafts to choose from. Whether you add your voice to our letter or write your own is up to you.

  1. Export your contact list and we’ll send the letters to the people in Peoria, West Peoria, or Peoria Heights on your behalf. When we’re done we’ll delete your contact list so your contacts stay your’s.

  2. Label, stuff, and seal your letters and we’ll mail them on your behalf (or you can send them yourself).

Thank you for your help in spreading the word.  


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