Maggie Kalm - Owner, Sing out Studios

Maggie Kalm owner of Sing Out Studios, offers Kindermusik and Ukulele classes through the Park District, talks about why she decided to partner with the Peoria Park District for her business instead of purchasing a space. She talks about why she's confident that Michael Van Cleve for Peoria Park District President is the right choice for the future of the Peoria Park District. Working with independent business owners like Sign Out Studios is one of the ways that the Peoria Park District can reduce their reliance on property tax dollars and create a sustainable financial model that works with instead of competing with local businesses.

Tim Cassidy, Current Board President

Tim Cassidy, the current Peoria Park District Board of Trustees President, gave me the great honor of his endorsement for my candidacy for President of the Peoria Park District Board of Trustees on April 2nd. Tim has served the Peoria Park District with distinction for 32 years, 27 of which as Board of Trustees President. 

I'm honored to have Tim's confidence and support as we embark on a fresh perspective for the success of Peoria's Park District. If you believe, like I do that the best days of the Peoria area and the Peoria Park District are ahead, please join Tim in supporting my campaign on April 2nd. 

Jeff Kolbus, co-Owner
Re/MAX Traders Unlimited

Jeff Kolbus speak on my behalf and have the endorsement of Jeff and Wendy Kolbus, owners of RE/MAX Traders Unlimited

A strong relationship with the business and non-profit community in our area is part of the equation for a vibrant Park District.


Angela Maughan, Parent
of 2 Peoria Wildcats Athletes

Angela Maughan has two children that play wheelchair basketball for the Peoria Wildcats. She talks about what working with Michael Van Cleve for Peoria Park District President has meant to her, her family, and her children. She talks about why she feels Mike is going to be a great President of the Peoria Park District.